Create a more meaningful and rewarding relationship.

Relationship Counselling

Wiser Ways offers two main styles of relationship counselling.

Session-by-Session Problem Solving Approach

The session-by-session problem solving approach is an opportunity to address specific challenges a couple may be facing. During this reflective approach, considerable focus is put on exploring the current challenges and how couples can overcome these through counselling. Depending on the couple, this can include both couple sessions and individual sessions.  Individual sessions can sometimes be beneficial to assist in progressing some of the relationship challenges.

Evidence-based Communication Model

Wiser Ways offers evidence-based communication model to couple counselling. Drawing on decades of research, this approach provides practical tools, structure, and strategies that have been proven to strengthen relationships and resolve conflicts.

Andrew will guide you and your partner through the principles of the model during individual and couple sessions. This method includes: 

  • Building greater intimacy: Deepen your understanding of each other’s inner worlds, hopes, and dreams to foster a strong emotional connection.
  • Enhancing fondness and admiration: Rediscover the positive qualities in your relationship and nurture a culture of appreciation and respect.
  • Improving communication: Learn effective communication techniques to express your needs, listen empathetically, and resolve conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner.
  • Managing conflict: Develop strategies to navigate disagreements, manage differences, and find common ground, allowing for greater harmony and understanding.
  • Creating shared meaning: Cultivate shared values, dreams, and goals, fostering a sense of purpose and mutual fulfilment in your relationship.

Take the first step towards a stronger and more fulfilling relationship. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how our couple counselling services can help you and your partner thrive.

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